Language as art

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the text on this page is very interesting
the back side of a document with text on it
an image of some texts on the screen
19 Times The English Language Made Absolutely No Sense Whatsoever
the numbers are written in different languages and have been changed to be more than one
Monks created numbers 1-9999 in single symbols - Awesome
the names of things you probably didn't know
Now you know
two tweets that are on the same page, one is telling them what to do
an advertisement with cartoon characters on the front and back of it, in black and white
Super useful for a basic grasp of the Korean language
two people on twitter with the caption that reads, there should be a hotline you can call where you can safely pronounce words you'ver
four different types of posters with words on them
The correct usage of "Thy" and "Thou"
an article on the tumblr app is shown in this screenshot from march 2013
English rules you never knew that you knew.