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multiple images of different arms and hands with tape wrapped around the arm, from top to bottom
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Easiest way to paint watercolor Peonies
Peonies are having their moment✨. When I heard that they were among the hardest flowers to paint I wanted to try and see if I could come up with a way to teach anyone how to paint them. I tried every way possible and I think I came up with not only the easiest but quickest way to paint these beautiful blooms! 1. Start with an imperfect circle wet on wet technique -wet paint is applied to wet paper This creates a fluid, fun and unpredictable effect. 2. Roll up a paper towel into a ball. Find a side that resembles a “rose” and use that end to soak up some of the paint. - you can choose the center of the circle or even a little off to the side a bit. 3. Use a filbert brush or any oval paint brush to create loos petals around the circle. Depending on how “bloomed” you want your peo
the text message is displayed on an iphone's screen, and it appears to be in
Master of Wine Shares His Hungarian Wine Experiences
How to Draw Four Flowers in One Line | Flower Drawing Tutorial | Easy Drawing Guide | Simple Crafts
Cool Easy Drawing Tips!
an image of some type of writing that is in different stages of being inked
I know this isn't my art but I found it very inspiring and wanted to inspire all of you guys too. :) Cheers!
an image of a page with text and pictures on the bottom right side of it
four pairs of shoes are shown in different colors and sizes, with the shoe laces down
Suggestions to guide you Improve Your own being familiar with of drawing poses #drawingposes