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Gosia Herba

Gosia Herba's illustrations instantly appeal to me because of their art history influence—specifically, Picasso and the Cubist movement.

4)This image is used to show the us that gender norms are pumped into us and are not biological.

The gender roles pumped into us from birth begin to fuel the stereotypes most people believe. Boys don't only think about strength, money and sex, and girls don't only think about cleaning, babies, and clothing.

Slide View: 1: Felt Good Co. Feminist Fist Lapel Pin

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Enamel pin collection of feminist flair. Cute style. Intersectional feminism quotes.

Adas contributions to the industry of computer science proved not discovered until the As a customer, you play an essential part in the setup that permits sweatshops to exist.

I love this Paul Rand piece. It uses a count our drawing to express emotions and ideas.

Logo for Wallace Puppets designed by Paul Rand. This design is fun and unique. It is a good play on the puppet element.

Paul Rand (1914-1996), IBM, lithograph in colours,1982.

Paul Rand IBM, lithograph in It's called logo, I can see those are clear logo make me understand, not any mess. why would I choose this because I like logo is very clear awesome. The bee logo is easy way to I can see that bee.