Garden art sculptures

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the copper wind chime is being made with wood sticks and some other things to make it
Make Copper Wind Chimes | Chica and Jo
two metal flower sculptures sitting on top of a lush green field next to purple flowers
How to Grow Alliums - Ornamental Flowering Onions | Gardener's Supply
three metal flowers with lights on them in front of some trees and bushes at night
Nana's craft corner: party decoration
a coin fountain sitting on top of a sidewalk next to some grass and trees in the background
GARDEN ART - Bowling Ball covered in pennies resting in a mini bird bath purchased from Home Depot and highlighted the Ivy and Butterfly with Hammered Bronze Paint, Can't wait for the pennies to turn green ... will be sooo pretty!!!!
three vases with plants growing out of them, one is made from wire and the other
Pin by Theresa Zellner on Garden (DIY Ideas) | Garden art diy, Diy garden trellis, Vegetable garden trellis
a hat with flowers on it sitting in front of a tree and bushes, next to a stone wall
Chicken wire hat