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a close up of a drum set on a wooden floor
Man Thomas Lang owns some awesome toys......
a black drum set sitting on top of a floor
Flat Black Drums Hardware Thone & Cymbals
a drum set sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a glass wall
Series 3 - DrumCraft
Unleash your rhythm with the DrumCraft Series 3 Standard Set😇🥰 This drum kit is designed to impress. With a 7-ply poplar wood shell and a 6.8 mm thickness, it delivers powerful sound and durability🥁🥁🥁 #drumcraft #drums #drummer #drums #drumset #drumkit
a wooden drum sits on the floor next to other drums and cymbals in front of it
erie drums Semi-solid
Steambent sassafras / sugar maple prototype drumset. It is made from our new 2 ply semi-solid steambent shells they are 1/4" thickwith an outer pl...