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the floor plan for a bedroom and living room in a small apartment with an attached bathroom
[En vidéo] De vraies pièces à vivre dans seulement 18 m2 !
Окончательный план проекта.
two people walking their dogs down the street in front of some brick buildings with windows
Merripak streetscape
The importance of integrating the landscape within the design, and creating front entries to each townhouse creates a clear articulation in the overall form, enabling each owner to strongly connect with their home. #Merriprak #architecture #design #contemporary #apartment #exterior #glass #brick #steel #neutral
two different views of the same house and how it's made out of cardboard
a white house sitting on top of a gravel field
Middelgrote tuin | Ontwerp en aanleg - PUUR Groen
the shadow of a tree on a building
Elewacja Cetris
Jesteśmy producentem domów modułowych Smart-Mod. Dowiedz się więcej o budynkach modułowych na naszej stronie www. / Malowane płyty cementowo-drzazgowe Cetris są dobrym rozwiązaniem do uzyskania nowoczesnej elewacji w dobrej cenie. #cetris
a red van is parked in front of a multi - story building with balconies
Residentie Depauw — YDGArchitecten
a large house sitting on top of a lush green field
Haus F.-L.
RADON photography / Norman Radon: Haus F.-L.