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Pati Wrzos
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Cold by Usami-Yuuri

Ah… HelloThis is my first comic in my life.this shot i got from one beautiful undertale fanfiction.Through Hollow Eyes by tsuki th.

[ Undertale ] Frisk and Sans by Soph-arts on DeviantArt

harharhar I just wanted to some practise with these two loveliesss you know, I wanna try and perfect to draw these two and also find a suitable way to draw them what do you think? Feedback is well .<<<< this is beautiful!


My favorite is probably. Mostly because Pacifist Run Chara is great! (Although I have to say I love the descriptions. You can go from "ballerina" or "nerd" or "play date" right over to flat-out "MURDERER" and I'm crying from laughter)