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there are two pictures with different people playing golf together and the same one has an adult on it
I laughed first. The difference between the post-season in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
an old iron city beer can is on the wall in front of a white background
Dee Lander's Beer Can Showcase: Cone Tops For Sale
Iron City Beer (Pittsburgh, PA) you could almost taste the iron in the beer from the rivers along the steel mills.
an aerial view of a stadium at night with lots of cars parked in the lot
The first roof opening of the Civic Arena was during a July 4, 1962 Carol Burnett show to which she exclaimed "Ladies and Gentlemen...I present the sky!"
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a river with mountains in the background
Pittsburgh, PA
Old Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
the three rivers stadium sign is posted in front of a building
an old newspaper article with black and white writing on the front page that reads, pittsburgh is spelled with h
an empty city street at night in the fog
A Mill street, Pittsburg, Pa.
A Mill Street, Pittsburg by Marie-Lou Chatel
black and white photograph of people walking on the side of a road near a train track
Come On Down: 1905
Pittsburgh circa 1905. "Monongahela Incline up Mount Washington." A funicular railway that ran until 1935. The freight incline is on the left. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.
black and white photograph of an old town with mountains in the background as seen from above
Suburbanites easily zip in and out of the city on the Parkway North, and in doing so they pass through a valley that was once home to thousands of people and hundreds of businesses. Most of the East Street Valley neighborhood was demolished to make way for six lanes of traffic. Only the domed St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church remains. January 15, 1974 image from Post-Gazette archives