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SOUTACHE My soutache creations. All jewelry is made using only the best quality materials, including two main ingredients: LOVE and PASSION... Hope You will like it :) Soutache jewelry, hand embroidered jewelry, soutache earrings, beaded jewelry, soutache bracelets, soutache necklaces, handmade jewelry, colorful bracelets, beaded earrings, beaded bracelets, colorful jewelry, colorful earrings, unique jewelry, women jewelry.
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Blue statement earrings, blue chandelier earrings, soutache jewelry

Blue statement earrings blue chandelier earrings soutache by pUkke

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Colorful beaded pendant, grey soutache pendant

Colorful beaded pendant grey soutache pendant by pUkke on Etsy

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Small light brown soutache earrings with black crystals

Small light brown soutache earrings with black crystals by pUkke

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Red spike earrings, red boho earrings, spiky bohemian earrings, soutache jewelry, boho jewelry, thorny earrings

Red spike earrings red boho earrings spiky bohemian by pUkke

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Black and beige elegant pendant with onyx stone by pUkke on Etsy

Grey statement earrings, silver chandelier earrings, grey soutache jewelry

Grey statement earrings silver chandelier earrings grey by pUkke

Hamsa earrings, light blue lucky hand earrings, rad hamsa jewelry

Hamsa earrings light blue lucky hand earrings rad hamsa by pUkke

Blue Tree of Life soutache earrings

Blue Tree of Life soutache earrings by pUkke on Etsy

Bermuda blue swarovski earrings, green soutache earrings, bermuda blue crystal earrings

Bermuda blue swarovski earrings green soutache earrings by pUkke

Long boho chandelier earrings grey blue soutache earrings by pUkke