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an image of a woman with her arms up in the air and clouds behind her
a drawing of a gorilla and a woman in front of a rock wall with water coming out of its mouth
a painting of a person standing in front of a door
two women dressed in costumes standing next to each other on stage with palm trees behind them
the woman is standing on stage with her hands in the air and two other people behind her
a woman standing next to two men in costume
a woman with her hands up in the air and holding two chains around her neck
King Kong-Naomi Watts
an image of a woman in bathing suit next to a big gorilla with its mouth open
King Kong
a woman standing in front of a bunch of flowers
an advertisement for the king kong movie
Kong and the girl 1,549
the woman is dancing with her hands out in front of other people wearing costumes and headdress
an old black and white photo of people dressed in costumes, with one woman standing on the
an old comic book page with gorilla and girl