KFC - #LittleMoneyBigFun

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Intel and Toshiba: "The Power Inside" starring Harvey Keitel

Pereira & O'Dell's social film "The Beauty Inside" for Intel and Toshiba was a major success—an engaging episodic tale with a delightful premise that propelled the small San Francisco agency onto the world stage when it won a Daytime Emmy and

Advertising Universe: KLM: Must See Map

Dutch airline's social media campaign allows users to print maps filled with crowd-sourced tips from.

Skip Ad Festival - Canal Sony Brasil

The Voice transforme les internautes en jury avec le « Skip Ads

Ikea built an entire website inside Instagram

The Swedish furniture giant built the first website-within-a-website on the social network because of course they did.

Hellmann's: #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe)

great ads form all over the world

DIRECTV: Get Rid of Cable Twitter Story

great ads form all over the world

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