Zuzanna Chruślińska

Zuzanna Chruślińska

Zuzanna Chruślińska
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"She glanced at the cigarette in his hand. "Since when do you smoke?" He sniffed and turned away from her. "Since when do you care?"" ~ Previous Pinner

While Holden smokes cigarettes as a adolescent who constantly eats candy, Charlie smokes when life gets too much to him,as seen when Charlie takes his sister to the clinic.

Favorite picture of a boy ever i love how he concentrates and how his eyes are filled with seriousness

'Gerran didn't care how many people made fun of him for sitting in the corner of the school in his own little world.' - Written by Christy O.

Almost reminds me of one of the team... However, that could just be me wanting him to remind me of one of the team.

⚘ He didn't have brown hair. He had bright hair in the sun, black hair in the winter, chocolate-coloured locks in the summer, but he never had brown hair.