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16 Stunning Winter Hair Color - Eweddingmag.com

Stunning Winter Hair Color, Whether you would like an icy blonde tone, a fashionable brunette hue or a cute shade from reds for winter, you've got an honest choice – the photographs below prove that. Winter is that the season of contrasts, that’s why darker browns and lightweight , cool-toned blondes are very welcome for the coldest days of the year. At the same time, if you are willing to test the red palette, you can either go for passionate vine hues or try orangey reds, as hot and…

Smoky Gold Hair Is The Biggest Winter Color Trend - Page 3 of 7 - VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE™

A brunette base is the perfect starting point for the smoky gold hair color. To create a soft smoky golden effect, you need to ask your colorist for deeper roots that evolve into light ends. You can always customize the color combo, but make sure your colorist uses a mix of ashy and golden tones […]

36 Light Brown Hair Colors That Are Blowing Up Right Now

Considering a light brown hair color? Then check out this year's trending colors before booking your next hair color appointment.

Sassy Looks With Ash Brown Hair | LoveHaiStyles.com

Ash brown hair colors are amazing ⭐ with their cool smoky undertones that shout Style❗ In case you want to play with your brown locks,🔎find the right hue here.

Mushroom Blonde Is Our New Favorite Color for Fall

Move over, platinum! It's mushroom blonde's time to shine this season according to Pinterest. Here are inspirations to show to your hairstylist. Check them out!

30 Suave Ash Brown Hair Shades

Smokey brown, dusty brown and silver brown - these are some synonyms for the ash brown hair color that has taken over the world. Much like its blonde counterpart, ash brown hair wasn’t


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51 Gorgeous Hair Color Worth To Try This Season

Summer’s gone, It’s FAll now! looking for a change in this fall? it’s time to head to the salon and hit the refresh button....

Mushroom Brown Hair Is Trending—And It’s Much Prettier Than It Sounds

When sunny and warm summer days are finally on the horizon, most Southern ladies are ready to freshen up their look with a new cut or color in anticipation. While your first instinct might be to match the weather with warm tones like gold, honey, caramel, and chestnut, we argue that the best approach to the changing season is the new cool-toned hair color trend taking over: mushroom brown hair. (Quite literally, the hue favors the ashy gray-brown tint of the popular portobello mushroom. Aim…

49 Beautiful light brown hair color to try for a new look

We all know styles and fashion change with time and the seasons. What worked in clothing and accessories yesterday can re-emerge into totally new...

Greige Hair Is Trending—And You’ll Actually Want to Try This Cool Neutral

Is greige hair here to kick mushroom brown to the curb? We’ve rounded up some versatile greige hair color inspiration to show why this neutral needs to be your next shade.

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63 Light Brown Hair Color Shades That Will Make You Go Brunette

To see exactly just how diverse light brown hair color shades can be, we’ve put together a vast collection of gorgeous inspiration photos!