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two pictures side by side of a house made out of logs and another image of a bed in the woods
Ok... Zombies... Republicans... Sith... all good.
the stairs in this modern house are made of wood and steel, with metal handrails
Escalier intérieur design- la beauté est dans les détails !
escalier intérieur de design contemporain en béton, acier et bois clair
the stairs are made of concrete and metal
Majorhaus Münster - {subpage} - RHA
Bilder zum Projekt: "Majorhaus Münster".
a modern house with black and white siding on the outside, along with stone steps leading up to it
白シャツの似合う家 - バロックデザインワークス - 愛知・岐阜・三重・東京・大阪の注文住宅、設計事務所
three different views of a small house in the middle of two pictures, one is made out of wood and the other has glass windows
A Contemporary Cottage In The Dutch Countryside
Zecc Architects, together with interior designer Roel Norel, have designed a small contemporary cottage in a rural area north of Utrecht in The Netherlands.
several different views of the inside and outside of a building with multiple sections in it
Pallet House. Proyecto de casa de PALETS reutilizados
La Casa Palets es un ejemplo de arquitectura ecológica y sostenible, de bajos coste. Palets en fachada, paredes y techos, con material aislante en su interior.
an image of a house with a pool in the foreground and lounge chairs on the other side
Houten bijgebouwen
stin aristeri pleura ftiaxnoume ena siderenio panel piso apo to opoio einai to ntouz kai to mpanio
a close up of a wooden frame on a wall
A shipping container to cabin conversion in the works.
the diagram shows different parts of a planter and how it is used to grow plants
Mobilidade urbana e meio ambiente
Meio ambiente,Mobilidade urbana,Bicicletas,Poluição,Arquitetura,Bicicletário e Banco.Menthol Architects,Varsóvia, Polônia. 2011,Blog do Mesquita
a small building made out of shipping containers
Container homes plans
Shipping Container Homes Book Series – Book 107 - Shipping Container Home Plans - How to Plan, Design and Build your own House out of Cargo Containers