Przemyslaw Zakrzewski

Przemyslaw Zakrzewski

Przemyslaw Zakrzewski
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An illustration/info-graphic for the 00′s issue of the New York Magazine. A comment on the development of social networking over the past decade. Each line represents 120,000 registered users on Facebook (black) Myspace (yellow) Linkedin (purple) Twitter (red) Bebo (Green) and Ning (blue)

Social Network Graphics were created for the New York Magazine by an independent graphic design studio “with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions.” It was set up by Matt Willey and Zoë Bather in

The Art of Owen Schuh    Mathematical art based on network systems

Owen Schuh, Dendrite, Graphite and Tea on Paper, 18 x 28 cm Annie Albers' 1947 abstract know may have been the beginning era of this "random" style of drawing, but it still feels contemporary and fresh.

Turbulence – Owen Schuh

Turbulence by Owen Schuh “ Owen uses well known rule-based systems such as Cellular Automata, circle packing algorithms, L-Systems and Fractal geometry to create his works. Step-by-step computations.