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So you thought geography was boring?

Best geographical facts, mostly from
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Shibam, the 16th-century city in Yemen, consisted entirely of over 500 high-rise tower houses. Why were the houses built that way? For defense! The houses of Shibam are all made out of mud brick and rise 5 to 11 stories high, with each floor having one or two rooms. This architectural style was used in order to protect residents from Bedouin attacks. Shibam is listed as UNSECO World Heritage Site.

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This is Sable Island, known as the graveyard of the Atlantic. It is about 109 miles southeast of Nova Scotia. What is the island origin? Post-glacial! Sable Island is believed to have formed from a terminal moraine deposited on the continental shelf near the end of the last Ice Age. It emerges from vast shoals and shallows which, in tandem with frequent fog and sudden storms, have caused over 350 recorded shipwrecks

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In which country practicing Buddhists constitute the largest part of population? In Thailand! It is estimated that 93% of population in Thailand and Cambodia are practicing Buddhists. There are also a lot of practicing Buddhists in Burma, Bhutan, Laos and Sri Lanka, while only 36% in Japan and 9% in Nepal.

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Which European city has the largest number of skyscrapers? Moscow! In 2012, seven of the fifteen tallest skyscrapers in Europe were located in Moscow. There are also several high-rise buildings under construction there.

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What nationality was the discoverer of the highest mountain in Australia? Polish! Mount Kosciuszko was named by the Polish explorer Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki in 1840, in honour of the Polish national hero Tadeusz Kościuszko, because of its perceived resemblance to the Kościuszko Mound in Krakow.

Who is the city of St. Louis named after? King of France! Louis IX (1214 – 1270) is the only canonised king of France, mostly due to his support and participation in the crusades. There are many places named after him, including the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and both the state and city of San Luis Potosí in Mexico.

After whom is Queen Maud Land in Antarctica named? Norwegian queen! Queen Maud Land was the first part of Antarctica to be sighted. The name was initially applied in January 1930 to the land discovered by Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen and Finn Lützow-Holm during Norvegia expedition of 1929–30. It was named after the Norwegian Queen Maud of Wales, wife of the then-reigning King Haakon VII.

Where does the name K2 come from? Name of the Karakoram Range! The name K2 is derived from the notation used by the Great Trigonometric Survey. Thomas Montgomerie numbered the most prominent peaks of Kararkoram K1 to K35. Next, these were replaced by local names, but K2 appeared not to have acquired a local name, possibly due to its remoteness.

Which surname is very common among Thais? None! There are no common Thai surnames. Surnames were largely introduced to Thai culture only by the 1913 Surname Act. Under Thai law, only one family can use any given surname: any two people of the same surname must be related, and it is very rare for two people to share the same full name.

If you sail due east from New York City, which European country do you land in? Portugal! Generally, most of the Western Europe is located more to the north than the United States. New York has pretty much the same latitude as Naples, Madrid or Istanbul. If you sail west from Great Britain (no matter which point you start at), you will land in Canada - the latitude of London corresponds to the southernmost shore of the Hudson Bay!