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"캐롤린 모래시계"  도안✍ Sandglass design  #illust #tattoo #sandglass #wonseok #캐롤린…

"캐롤린 모래시계" 도안✍ Sandglass design #illust #tattoo #sandglass #wonseok #캐롤린…

Tattoo Design Gallery | come by our new Gallery and post share your favourite tattoos with us. #tattoogallery #tattooidea

45 Awesome Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs-Sleeve is one of the most popular placement for tattoo designs. Depending on the length of arm covered by the tattoo, it’s mainly divided into full sleeve tattoo, half sleeve tattoo and quarter sle…


lotus watercolor tattoos, forearm tattoos, woman tattoos, flower tattoos – The Unique DIY Watercolor Tattoo which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Watercolor Tattoo ideas on lotus tattoos, forearm tattoos to Personalize yourselves.

Tentacle Ampersand Design - I'd love to see an Octopus-inspired font

Collaborative Class Project - Each student reinvents an alphabet letter or two as some kind of illusionary surreal object - suggested by the shape of the letter - image inspiration: octopus ampersand by Vane Blackwhale, via Behance