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Mirror, Mirror by Kyasarin131

This may be one of the best fan images I've ever seen. Props to whoever created this. Snape looking into the Mirror of Erised. I feel so sad looking at this!

Ron & Hermione

Ron & Hermione :) sooo cute just started (and almost finished) the first book and already like them together.(I know they are to young in the first book but for later on) The Weasely's are the best thing ever.

the trio- fan art.

hmm,did I like.drew the golden trio? haha,don't know,felt SO MUCH to draw them hope you'll like I must say I am in love with Ron here. EDIT: oh guys a. You'll never be alone.

Summer Quidditch

HP: Summer Quidditch by Lola Rodriguez --- "He spent most of his days playing two-a-side Quidditch in the Weasley's orchard. He and Hermione against Ron and Ginny. Hermione was dreadful and Ginny good so they were reasonably well matched.

HP - O' Children by YoukaiYume.deviantart.com

I think this is a really sweet scene between Harry and Hermione even though it never happened in the books. They have such a great brother/sister-like relationship.