Agriculture machinery

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Hook lift trailer Pronar T386 is the largest and newest hook lift trailer with a technically permissible gross vehicle weight of 34t. The trailer can be used for many different tasks in areas of agriculture, construction, municipal or horticulture. It is a practical way to collect, transport, unload various types of containers between 5 to …
What kind of manure spreader is the best? What capacity choose?  This question asks himself every farmer who is looking for the most appropriate machine. Purchase of manure spreader is an investment for many years, so many factors should be taken into consideration before purchase. First of all counts quality, the type of chassis, the quality of used steel, the type of spreading mechanism and the size of the tires.
New rotary rake Pronar ZKP 460T unlike in previously produced linked rakes is a trailed version mounted to a tractor drawbar. The new model is designed primarily for small farms owners. Simplicity of the design correspond with attractive price and long durability. ZKP460T provides high performance combined with small tractors.
Versatile usage of bale trailers make them widely used in field work. Well suited for the transport of: straw bales bale silage pallets long timber material: wood logs, planks and other materials cut logs They are used mainly in agriculture. Thanks to the large cargo area and the optimal capacity they are used to transport …
New rotary tedder Pronar PWP460 now available- ask our representative for an offer.  New rotary tedder PWP460 is a necessary device on every farm. It is used for spreading freshly mown grass or lightly dried hay, in order to speed up the drying process. With tedding we obtain the optimum moisture content of harvested feed in a short time with minimum losses caused by crumbles.
New trailers PRONAR T679/3 and PRONAR T679/4 ideal for the transportation of agricultural materials, stones, gravel, sand, various equipment.