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White ink on blacked out arm by @maxrathbone_tattooer #lovettt #tttism #blackout…

If I get linework, it will probably be white and gray over complete blackwork

Check out the latest trend in Singapore! Yes, blacked-out tattoos! These are from tattoo artist Chester Lee of the Oracle Tattoo Shop.

Lots of people have unwanted tattoos, and Chester Lee or Oracle Tattoo Shop in Singapore has come up with a unique and skillful way of getting rid of them.

First session of white on this blackworksleeve. @proulxjustice #yourstory #bodyart #tattoo

Love this white and black tattoo sleeve. There is something but the heavy blackwork that always draws my attention. The subtle white tattoo design plays well off of the really bold and loud black.

An isosceles triangle/Delta. The symbol for change, because it is the first letter for the Greek word meaning different. Maybe some way to make it like a dusk sky in the triangle

Isosceles triangle/Delta Tattoo Desing - Symbol for change, because it is the first letter for the Greek word meaning different. It denotes a gene deletion in genetics and is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet.

Source: whiteblackgrey

New flash. Email me for appointments or phone Haunted Tattoo on Really wanna tattoo ol in Tattoo flash

Christopher Millington @chrisjohnmillington Veinticinco.Tim...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Chris John Millington Love his tattoos 💕

Great Tattoo by Josh Sutterby.  See More ::   #tattoo #tattoos

Josh Sutterby Tattoo (that right shoulder bow & arrow)

Can't decide if I want to do a full sleeve or do a bunch of tiny little tattoos to fill the arm.

Collection of symbols/images makes for a bold total sleeve. I miss the decoration, connecting element but love the variety


Gangstas and Hoes : Photo


blackistheonlycolor: Todays ink: a dead end fuck you girl. xxx by smith_and_miller