mirroresque tinka prekovic

The mirror is a strong symbol of both physical and inner reflection. Mirroresque is a collection of mirror objects. The mirrored image and light are deformed into an infinite number of reflections posing millions of questions and raising millions of doubts.
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FALCON WING MIRROR Two-sided mirror sculpture in stylized falcon wing shape. Each wing plate is made of 100 mirror mosaic pieces.

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MIRRORESQUE NO1 Big scale magic mirror by Tinka Prekovic

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"The Sun Temple" (paper model, Tinka Prekovic, 1997) The only photograph left of a paper model which I constructed to explore the movement of the Sun. Shadows, light, rain, snow and fog enter through the pleated wall and create a dramatic scene in the Sun Temple.

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MIRRORESQUE NO2 (big scale mirror made of 41 mirror pieces with prismatic edges)

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