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an image of a sign that says isle an island asle passage between a row of seats
someone who is lazy sitting in front of a computer with the words slangs on it
the words pig out to eat a lot eg i pigeoned out last night at mcdonald's
an orange and white quote with the words slangs hangry if someone is hungry, it means they are so hungry that they are angry
If someone is "hangry," it means they are so hungry that they are angry! . . . . . You can contact us via: 📱: +61 2 80034673, +977 9801087831 📧: brokersupport@outsolu.com 🌐: www.outsolu.com #VirtualAssistantService #LoanProcessing #VAServices #VA #Lender #HomeLoans #Mortgage #MortgageBroker #Loans #LoanOfficer #Refinance #Purchase #DigitalMarketing #Outsourcing #Outsolu
an orange and white poster with the words slans furfy on it's left side
an orange and white background with the words slangs no cap totally true or no lie
a person holding a cell phone with the text slangs rack off
Slang: Rack Off
an advertisement with the words slings ditch to get rid of on - give up something