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Mixing bowl as rain guard.

In this 'How To' guide I'll show you how to convert an Innocent Juice bottle into a fantastic bird feeder! And of course, I've added a 'Wildlife Gadgetman' twist with three different versions. Time Needed: 1 Hour Why Do It?: Providing food for garden bi

Homemade Glass Bird Feeders

Easy DIY bird feeder from items in your own kitchen! Use an old mason jar or reuse a jar from the refrigerator, tie a ribbon around the center and stick a wooden spoon into it. Turn sideways and hang from a tree for an instant bird feeder.

Beautiful bird-feeder idea!

Birdcage Bird feeder - great for where you have squirrel raiders!" best under cover so the seed doesn't mold. I covered mine with a clear plastic stiff sheet from a display box. Cut a slit in half way and slide over the chain.

W rosarium...

W rosarium...