PoWoli / This time I would like to present you this fabulous. glossy ring! Made by Sabina Bugaj. This jim-dandy is made of Japanese, gold beads and the gem of the ring is made of faceted bead.

PoWoli / AMAZING beaded, hand made NECKLACE, New by PoWoli in category Jewelry/Necklaces. I don't know if this necklace needs any presentation :) This piece of art is exetremely difficult to make, but the final result is breathtaking! Our Artist - Gosia Szczotka is a true magician!

PoWoli / Beaded, elegant, handmade NECKLACE, New by PoWoli in category Jewelry/Necklaces This unusual necklace was carefully made by our precious Gosia Szczotka. You can see that this necklace is not only beautiful and hand made, but it is also uniqe! If you want to impress your Mother, Girlfriend, Fiancée, or any person you love - this is the right choice!

PoWoli / Jewelry set made by Sabina Bugaj. Bracelet's lenght: about 17 cm/ 6,7 inches Earrings' lenght: about 5 cm/ 2 inches They were made using glass beads (they look like turquoise) and with ones that look like an old gold.

PoWoli / This beautiful necklace was made using stringing technique. Creator: Sabina Bugaj has used Japanese glass beads and fire polished beads to make this little masterpiece. It is not only elegant and chic, but also original and simply amazing! MUST HAVE in this season! :)

PoWoli / Our awesome Sabina Bugaj have just made this remarkable jewelry set for you! Necklace, earrings and bracelet are made with every attention of details. Perfect for date, business meeting, but also suitable in casual wear :) timeless and elegant - excellent for every independent and chic woman! If you wish, we can make every finishing details of silver (it naturally makes the price goes up).

PoWoli / This is a traditional necklace, called KRYWULKA. It was made on the part of territory of Carpathian Mountains, known as Lemkivshchyna - land od Lemkos. According to the convention of traditional wedding jewelry- you can find classical symbols on it, eg. symbols of the Sun that brings happiness and wealthiness to your life. Finished with blue, marble beads, this peace of art leaves us with our mouths open :)

PoWoli / Pretty thing again made by Sabina Bugaj. It is made of bicone glass beads and Japanese glass beads. Length: about 38 cm/ 14 inches

PoWoli / Fancy bracelet made by Sabina Bugaj. It was made using 'cellini spiral' technique and with beautiful, glass beads. Length: about 17,5 cm/ 6,5 inches

PoWoli / Woven, beaded bracelet made by Sabina Bugaj. There are Japanese glass beads used in this masterpiece. Very stylish, very beautiful. Must have for every modern woman!

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