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elithien One hella painful commission of Kylo Ren holding his dying mother with her mistaking Ren for Han as she slowly withers away For commission Inquiries [x] /// My heart is now in many, many tiny pieces.

#Star Wars Last Jedi #Kylo Ren #Moment

I love how he can his facial expressions can go from “I’m going slaughter your entire family” to “I have big puppy eyes and I’m lonely”

And somehow you still running shit because you're awesome Women, we get things done

And yet she is still the biggest badass in Star Wars universe ❤️<<<<never ONCE has she been tempted by the Dark Side, either.step it up, Skywalker men, yall weak as shit.

Im Being Torn Apart I Want To Be Free Of This Pain — drawingoddities: Doodle for today. Side note,...

Doodle for today.Side note, I’ll be tagging the light side AUs as ‘light side dorks’ for anyone who isn’t into them.