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Fragmental Image Japanese Graphic Design posters, book covers, illustrations

The grey, yellow, purple and negative space in the piece are evenly utilized. No color draws too much attention because they work together in the design.

Mean Dog Blues (1978, USA) - design print poster posters for horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, adult and B-movies Illustration Illustrations Patterns Pattern

Original movie poster for MEAN DOG BLUES 8267 American International One Sheet Poster Folded Very Fine Offered by Kirby McDaniel MovieArt of Austin, Texas.

design style art poster

La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun. Interesting fun summer project: what if flags were just a snap shot of the real art and the graphics continued outside the bounds of the crop box?

design style art poster

High Fidelity - Nick Hornby warms my heart. Top 5 reasons I love this book - It's british. It's witty, funny, emotional and awkward all at once. It's set in a music shop, my secret dream job. The protagonist makes mix tapes. Top fives!