Plemion Easterlingów było wiele i znacznie różniły się między sobą. Podczas Wojny o Pierścień zwykli używać wielkich toporów, ich wizerunek sugeruje coś na…
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a woman wearing a dress and carrying a brown bag on her back with other people in the background
three carved wooden knives sitting on top of a piece of wood with intricate designs painted on them
Viking Drinking Horn by Sholosh on DeviantArt
Viking Drinking Horn by Sholosh
a drawing of a woman dressed in medieval clothing
New Wave. Stupid Goth.
a man and woman dressed in costume standing next to a log cabin on the grass
two men dressed in medieval armor standing next to each other
a man in armor holding two swords and looking at the camera with an evil look on his face
a man dressed in armor walking down a street
A Viking