Stuffed tomatoes with couscous, chickpeas and olives ::

If this was stuffed with any more goodness it might explode. beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood: “ Stuffed tomatoes with couscous, kalamata olives, chickpeas and tahini sauce…RECIPE ”

Wild mushroom ramen with pumpkin and kale ::

Wild mushroom ramen with pumpkin, kale and lemon balm. Made on aromatic vegan dash with miso. Perfect for autumn dinner.

Butternut squash soup with miso and ginger ::

Butternut squash soup with miso, coconut milk, ginger and fresh cilantro. Delicious and flavourful version of classic squash soup.

Plum pie with almonds ::

Vegan plum pie with almonds, perfect for autumn evenings with a cup of hot tea

Autumn abundance bowl: quinoa, pumpkin, chickpeas and kale ::

Autumn abundance bowl: quinoa with pumpkin puree with chickpeas, tahini and nigella, kale chips and roasted parsley root.

Phyllo pastry with figs, kale and tofu ::

Vegan tarts made of phyllo pastry with figs, kale, tofu and sundried tomatoes.