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On December 13th 1981, Poland was brought under Martial Law - "Apocalypse NOW" movie in the cinema in the photo :)))) the cinema called btw Moscow

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Floating Skyscrapers A clinical, yet ornately framed study of gay identity in a predominantly Catholic Poland, Tomasz Wasilewski's 2013 Floating Skyscrapers throbs with a palpable sense of sexual yearning. Told through the libidinous gaze of its protagonist Kuba (Mateusz Banasiuk), a young professional swimmer with an unquenchable appetite for carnal pleasures, Wasilewski couples the hypnotic employment of first-person perspective shots alongside sharp editing techniques to express his…

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Lech Majewski,1973 polish film poster

Polish poster for MAN OF IRON (Andrzej Wajda, Poland, 1981) Artist: Rafal Olbinski (b. 1945)

'Miś' ('Teddy Bear'), by Stanisław Bareja (1980), the greatest Polish comedy of the communism times - GENIUS and an object of religious cult in Poland!

"300 miles to heaven" is a polish drama film directed by Maciej Dejczer (1989) based on a true story of two brothers who escaped from communist Poland.

Blind Chance: Before he stunned the cinematic world with the epic series THE DECALOGUE and the THREE COLORS trilogy the great Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski made his first work of metaphysical genius BLIND CHANCE a compelling drama about the difficulty of reconciling political ideals with personal happiness. This unforgettable film follows Witek (the magnetic Bogusław Linda) a medical student with an uncertain future in Communist Poland; Kieslowski dramatizes Witeks journey as a…

Zofia Kulik was born in Poland in 1947, and has been an active and politically motivated artist for some 40 years. In 1968, when Polish students took to the streets to protest a corrupt Communist government, Kulik joined up with fellow artist Przemyslaw Kwiek to make ground-breaking art that addressed cultural repressions. Under the name KK, the two used film, visual documentaries, mail art, the art of action and intervention, performance, and installation.

Polish Transformation w/ English sbtls

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