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a woman in red shirt holding up a flag
Polonya’ya gelmeden önce bilmeniz gereken 17 şey
an archway leads into a courtyard with potted plants
My favorite thing to do was to walk around and discover off the street pubs/bars/restaurants...one of my favorite places in the world...and I have been plenty of places www.polonyam.com
there are many benches in the park with yellow leaves on the ground
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Poland. Stunning http://www.travelbrochures.org/210/europa/tourism-in-poland
a tree with red leaves on the ground
Polonya www.polonyam.com Bir Polonya Ansiklopedisi
an old red brick building with two towers
The most beautiful pictures of Poland (17 photos)
Beautiful Poland http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/europe/ www.polonyam.com
an island with a castle on it in the middle of water
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Nidzica, Poland This castle The castle in Nidzica was built around 1370 by the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. http://www.travelbrochures.org/210/europa/tourism-in-poland