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Undertale, Mettaton, Alphysand Frisk, Papyrus and Undyne

Undertale Alphys Mettaton Undyne I don't ship but the reaction is too great. Sometimes, it's almost enough to make me ship. - w - << ALPHYS AND UNDYNE FOREVAH

Lol undertale

undertale>> Is it bad that I have seen the original photo and that made it better?<<basically me I love ketchup so much I drink it by the bottle

Sans and Frisk! One of my first artworks of Undertale ©Undertale ©Toby Fox

Just a boring girl that loves undertale FAQ -Hi? -Can I voice act your comics? Remember to give credits -Would you like to see the results? Nope -Can I s.

formal attire>> this picture reminds me of Fran bow

undertale, sans, frisk

Sans its okay, there are literally thousands of people who want to be your friend and help u. And have a "fun" time with u

undertale, papyrus, sans

sans and papyrus - skelebros comic

lol, funny, joke, sans, undertale

lol, funny, joke, sans, undertale <<< I accidentally just yelled "sANS" in papyrus's voice.

Undertale - Sans

undertale, sans, frisk<<< No matter what, he has to laugh at a PUNNY pun.


Gaster Blaster Spray by BamSaraKilledYou on DeviantArt What are you gonna do? Moisturize me?

Oh sans

undyne, sans, papyrus, undertale// im glad that in this fandom all puns are welcome, no more how terrible