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These earrings are simple and bold! They are made from bright turquoise howlite, doughnut shaped gemstones. There is a sterling silver filled wire wrapped around the middle of the stone. The sterling silver filled earring hooks are hand formed, and skillfully crafted by me. This makes for a very high quality hook that is larger, and far superior to typical earring hooks. The earring hook is over-sized and adds a lot of visual interest to the design of the earrings. Measurements…


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Organizing stickers and little Mommy Lhey Stamp sets! ❤️ #mommylhey #littlebits

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You're into adult coloring and need to mark the next fishing day in your planner? Or you just enjoy coloring? Well, obviously everybody loves stickers, so I will not question this. The fish stickers make great party favors as well as gift addon. They are fun to color for kids as well as big adult coloring lovers and the intricate patterns of the illustrations guarantee a lot more challenging detail for the grown up colorers. For more DIY planner decoration, the stickers will be a great fit…

'Mermaid' Hair Ties - 3 Pack

ADORABLE! Mermaid hair ties so versatile and comfortable that even your inner mermaid will never want to take them off. A reminder of the beach from sun up to sunset no matter where you are. ❤ Set of Three Bands ❤ Style: Mermaid Hair Ties❤ Size: 6.5” circumference❤ Metal: Alloy plated metal charm ❤ Color: Match any outfit, swimsuit, etc❤ Stretch: Rubber elastic won't break❤ Fabric: Swimwear material❤ Band: Won't fade with sun, water, chlorine or oil❤ Handmade in the USA | Shop this…

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Midori Stickers | Hobonichi Stickers | Kawaii Girl Stickers | Erin Condren The perfect way to personalize your Planner with these adorable Kawaii Stickers. Super cute and straight from Japan. Perfect size for any planner! Great in a Hobonichi, Midori, InkWell Press, Erin Condren, Filofax, Etc. You get FOUR sheets of stickers! These are bi-lingual stickers, English and Korean. This is really cute deco sticker set - Material: PVC - Length:9cm Height: 5cm - 4 sheets as a set…