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two tins with labels on them that say finu and one has a cow
cooperation with TOUCH-IDEAS. for ZT Kruszwica / in KTR competition…
a jar of hot sauce sitting on top of a table next to a paper tag
We teamed up with small upstart Holloway Kitchen to produce this limited edition, EXTRA THICK HOT SAUCE.250ml of this versatile gourmet sauce comes packaged in a two sided, hand screen-printed, 90gsm recycled paper wrap, including serving suggestions an…
an image of the front and back side of a tablet with different bottles on it
#beer #ohbeautifulbeer #packaging #design #label... - a grouped images picture
This kind of logo would be nice to show off the letterpress work. Maybe we could use the watermark-style to place the product-specific imagery behind the text/logo in a lighter color.
several bottles are stacked on top of each other in the same row and one is empty
Off The Clock Brewing Company
Beer label design | Off The Clock Brewing Company
an advertisement for screen textures in red and black with the words screen textures on it
Free Pack of 12 Detailed Vector Screen Textures
12 Free Vector Screen Textures
an old grungy texture with the text 12 free textures
12 Free Vector Grunge Textures to Erode Your Artwork
12 Free Vector Grunge Textures
an image of the statue of liberty in black and white with text that reads,
Free Engraved Illustration Effect Action for Photoshop
Free Engraved Effect Photoshop Action
an old fashioned postcard with many different types of letters and numbers on it, including handwritten postcards
24 Free Authentic 1930s Vintage Postcard Textures
24 Free Authentic 1930s Vintage Postcard Textures
six different types of logos and designs on white paper, each with the number two
5th Month - The Playlist Project
type design illustration badges
an old advertisement for the american beer company
American Vintage Badges 5
American Vintage Badges 5 on Behance by OPUSNIGRUM
organic food labels and stickers
Best Web 2.0 | Web 3.0 Tools List Online - ORTWeb3.Tools
Organic food logos and labels vector 03
four bottles of beer sitting next to each other
Hand-Crafted Design: 20 Creative Beer Cans & Label Designs - WebUrbanist
I like the organization of this bottle label with the name of the beer at the top, style on the left, specifications on the right.
you're the ketchup on my chips sign is shown in red and beige
This item is unavailable | Etsy
// You're The Ketchup On My Chips
many different types of sauces and condiments are shown in this graphic diagram
I thought this was a cool design :) I liked how there were little bottles on each side of the label