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food to try in recovery
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a piece of bread with cheese on it
a piece of bread with cheese on it sitting on a plate
three cookies on a plate with whipped cream in the middle and an iphone next to them
Light, sweet evening snack of 80 calories - 70 for the Goya palmeritas, then 10 for the fat free whipped cream!
raspberries, almonds, and chocolate on a plate with the word lindt written on it
a tray with rice, meat and vegetables on it
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a person holding chopsticks over a bowl of noodles and meat with broth
waffles and ice cream on a white plate
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a person holding up an ice cream sandwich with pink icing and sprinkles
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pancakes with strawberries and bananas on a white plate
a glass plate topped with slices of cake next to a cup of coffee on top of a table
a person holding a plastic container filled with sushi and rice balls next to a bottle of water