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Piotr Plumowski

Piotr Plumowski
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Reaper - This is true power by Euderion

The Reapers are a highly-advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships. The Reapers reside in dark space: the vast, mostly starless space between. Reaper - This is true power

Mass Effect Tali

Tali demonstrates the usage of the emergency induction port. Image is Tell Me Again About Your Immune System by DeviantArt user amrrr.

Tali'Zorah wanting Shepard by LordHayabusa357.deviantart.com on @deviantART

You can see it in her eyes, she wants Commander Shepard, also Commander Shepard is seen on her visor very faintly. What do you think is gonna happen nex. Tali'Zorah wanting Shepard