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Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description Flower wreath, at the posing I thought it was dumb for the makeup and macbre meaning.

TONER _ Rosewater is naturally clarifying, tightens pores and reduces redness. To use, moisten a cotton ball with the rosewater and swipe over clean skin before moisturizing. For a little more luxury, add the rosewater to a hot bath.

warm cable knit sweater // hot tea // tea time // me time // cooler afternoons // fall inspiration // cozy and warm // september // october // november

{worn leather chair, cozy blanket, hot cup of coffee, & a book to read}

Pamper your feet - seriously why not install a little tub in the bathroom to relax your feet, with its own little drain? Love this idea !

Engraved Violin

I would love for V. to learn the violin someday! ~ Only 11 ornamented Stradivarius instruments survive today. This violin, named Ole Bull, is one of them. It is housed at the Smithsonian Museum of American History as part of a Stradivarius quartet.