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a knife and sheath on a white surface
a knife that is laying on top of a white surface with the word's name engraved on it
efish | shin nishibori
an old pair of scissors sitting on top of a white table next to a window
ostry jak nie wiem co
two knives are sitting next to each other
two knives are laying next to each other
two different types of knifes on a green tablecloth with gold and white designs
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Large Socket Handled Knife
a knife with a red sheath attached to it
commande client Repro film SERAPHYM FALL , lame de 30.4 cm forgé en Xc 75 avec trempe selective , hors tout de 47 cm , garde laiton, manche merrain de cerf customer 's order , repro movie SERAPHYM FALL, blade 11.96 " forged in 0.75 with selective temper , oal of 18.5 " , brass guard ; handle in crown stag handle
a large knife sitting on top of a wooden table next to a piece of wood