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Having a fireplace is no longer an unattainable dream. With the goal of creating a fireplace for easy assembly, Planika has designed PrimeFire. Based on patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours technology) PrimeFire burns absolutely without smoke, odour or ash. That gives the freedom of the product arrangement as no chimney or additional ventilation is required. It’s the only matter of user’s imagination if the product will be located in the wall or in a piece of furniture.

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ZEN is a cosy, ellipse-shaped fireplace with a beautiful line of fire. Being made of the highest quality materials it is a perfect solution for both traditional and modern interiors. Its white casing combined with a black coated steel on the top create a sense of visual balance, which can be a striking scheme for contemporary interior designs.

Special attention paid to the details and the highest quality materials resulted in charming, slim silhouette of the item. Its calming vibe and visually pleasing design encourage people to lose themselves in. ZEN presents a perfect combination of white and black to bring a sense of visual balance. Due to two colour options, it can become a perfect complement to every space.

By dint of the attached casing, the device assembly has never been so easy. You can be certain that all the elements will fit together and the end result will be astonishing. The main feature that distinguishes PrimeFire among the other fireplaces is fact that it doesn’t need hard connection, chimney or additional ventilation. This is possible due to applied patented BEV Technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours technology).

This revolutionary bio-ethanol fireplace installed into an existing or an old fireplace instantly upgrades its functionality. You can literally insert the unit into the old fireplace. HotBox is patented BEV technology which improves a burning process and elongates the burning time to even 5 hours. It does not require any clean up and you don’t have to worry about proper ventilation or cleaning the flue, because the device is vent-free.

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Don’t have a chimney but still in need of a mesmerizing glow of a fireplace? We have an option in front of you, clean-burning ethanol fireplace – WallFire. This eye-catching product, made of brushed stainless steel can be hung on a wall like a piece of art. Its real dancing flames will create a warm, mellow atmosphere and will add a character to any room at any time you wish. New technologies applied in the WallFire make it completely smokeless and smell-less.

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