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Math activities and printables for preschool and kindergarten. Numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, measuring and more. Worksheets and printables welcome! Hands…
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the back to school math notebook is shown with text overlaying it and an image of
With these simple steps, your kindergarten learners will be completing their math notebooks in no time!
the printable do - a - dot number recognition worksheet for kids to practice numbers
1-20 Number recognition printables
Free printable number recognition worksheets for numbers 1-20. Fun math printables for kindergarten and preschool. Fun dot marker activity for kids. #prek #kindergarten #math #planesandballoons
the missing numbers worksheet for easter
Missing numbers 1-50 worksheets for your Easter holiday lessons
this printable subtract worksheet is perfect for beginning and ending sounds
Subtraction Practice for Kids
Food is a great visual when it comes to subtraction practice! Use the subtraction mat along with these fun pizza erasers to create a fun, hands on subtraction game! This is a great resource for Pre-K and Kindergarten students for new skills and practice for first grade students! #subtractionpractice #subtraction #firstgrade #kindergarten
the color by number coloring page for spring is shown with flowers and bees on it
Spring Color By Number Printables
These spring color by number printables are great for having preschoolers practice color words and number recognition from one to twenty.
money bookmarks with the words penny cents on them and an image of five different coins
Free Money Bookmarks for Coins and Dollars
Free Money Bookmarks - they have penny, nickel, dime, quarter, 1 dollar, 5 dollar, 10 dollar, and 20 dollar for the bookmarks. - #mathbookmarks #moneyforkids #mathhelp #firstgrade #secondgrade
five different activities for teaching numbers and counting
5 Strategies for Kindergarten Math
Are you happy with the kindergarten math instruction that you are providing your kindergarten students? Having students come to your classroom at different levels of exposure and instruction can be challenging in most early childhood classrooms. Here are five math strategies that can help improve teaching math to your students. #math #classroom #teaching #learning #organization
the real life shape posters are displayed in front of each other with different shapes and sizes
Real-Life Shape Posters
When adding posters to your classroom, consider adding these real-life shape posters to your walls. Perhaps you don't have enough wall space. Don't worry, there are some suggestions included on how to use these free shape posters to help your little learners learn about the shapes around them. #free #printable #posters #kindergarten #preschool #learning #kids
some sort of activities to teach students about sorting and sorting with the words sorting by attributes
Sorting/Positional Words - Mrs. Jones Creation Station Store
Bring hands on learning to your learners with these engaging, interactive sorting activities. Perfect for preschool and pre-k students! #sorting #sortingactivities #preschoolmath
two hands holding cards with numbers on them and the words number bond matching in black
Addition and Subtraction Within 20 – Make 10, Add 10, Use 10 to Add, Use 10 to Subtract
Addition and subtraction fluency within 20 is a skill that second graders need to develop to become efficient mathematical thinkers. Help students make 10, add 10 and use 10 to add and subtract with these resources. Here are the addition strategies we use. #addto20 #additionstrategies #make10
two missing addends to 20 with the text free printable missing addends
Missing Addend Addition Worksheets for First Grade - free printable PDF
Missing addends first grade free printable worksheets - missing addend freebie. #grade1 #planesandballoons
printable math flashcards for kids to practice numbers and counting with the help of their hands
15+ Printable Math Flashcards
Printable Math Flashcards - with different math flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication. and division with different sizes and mix of types of flashcards - #flashcards #mathflashcards #multiplication #division #addition #subtraction
Winter digital for literacy and math centers that focus on composing number and cvc words. A great activity to do for pre-k and kindergarten learners. #kindergartenliteracy #kindergartenmath #kindergarten #prek Literacy, Winter, Ten Frames, Literacy Activities, Learners, Winter Speech Therapy, Learning Resources
FREE Winter Digital Activities
Winter digital for literacy and math centers that focus on composing number and cvc words. A great activity to do for pre-k and kindergarten learners. #kindergartenliteracy #kindergartenmath #kindergarten #prek
a printable worksheet with numbers and dices on it, next to crayons
Mitten Math Activity for Winter - Roll and Color Game
Mitten Math Activity for Winter - Roll and Color Game
the gingerbread counting game is shown with candy canes
Gingerbread Number Math Mats
Add these gingerbread math mats to your next math unit this holiday season. Each mat includes peppermint circles and number cards to help visualize each number sentence. Click to grab this free resource! #mrsjonescreationstation #kindergartenmath #freemathresources #additionactivities
the shape printables for preschoolers to use with their own books and crafts
Shape Activities and Printables for Little Learners - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Your little learners will love these free hands on shape activities! Download 5 free resources to get your little ones excited about shapes! #shapes #preschoolmath #freepreschoolresources #freemathresources
a close up of a child's hand on a piece of paper with the words making five
Making Five Math Game - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
An introduction to addition, this engaging math game is what you need! With this free math mat, your learners can use visuals to help understand how to compose the number five. #mathresources #preschoolmathresources #kindergartenmathresources
the shape posters are great for teaching about shapes and how to use them in different ways
Real-Life Shape Posters - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Help your little ones associate shapes with real life objects with these FREE shape posters. Place them in your classroom or homeschool classroom to learn and decorate! #shapes #homeschool #
There are so many important preschool math concepts to be introduced before kindergarten. Discover tons of math books and printables! Homeschool Prek, Educational Activities For Preschoolers, Homeschool Preschool Curriculum, Homeschool Math, Homeschool Preschool Activities, Early Childhood Math
Preschool Math - Books, Printables, and Hands-On Activities
There are so many important preschool math concepts to be introduced before kindergarten. Discover tons of math books and printables!
a hand holding up a halloween counting game with the numbers 3 - 5 on it
Free Halloween Math Number Mats - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Bring some spooky fun to your classroom with these Halloween number mats! Your learners will be able to practice number recognition, number formation and counting objects on each mat! Grab this free resource today!
five halloween activities for little learners
Halloween Counting Mats for Little Learners - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
In need of fun, hands on Halloween activities? These spook-tacular activities will provide you with hours of learning fun! From number counting, addition practice to ooey-gooey fun, your learners will love these Halloween activities!
the counting bear game is an easy way to practice counting
Counting Bears Sorting by Size - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
A fun way to sort! Have your preschool students sort these bears by size or color! Use this free resource in your preschool math centers.
an image of october centers for children and adults
the back to school digital resources is shown with pictures of children holding up their electronic devices
9 Digital Resources to Get You Through the School Year - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Bring more technology based activities to your classroom with these FREE digital resources. Math, literacy and science are all included in these resources and they fit with many holidays and seasons. #kindergarten #googleclassroom. #digitallearning #freedigitallearning
a pair of scissors and some paper on top of a table with the words, november math worksheets
September Math Worksheets
Do you sometimes find it a struggle to find extra practice for your students on those key skills? You present the material, do morning work for a few days and your students still need something more? Teaching Second Grade often finds herself in this situation so she created some September Math Worksheets for her students.
a printable bug math activity for kids
Catch a Bug Math Activity and Free Printable -
This free printable math activity is so fun you can always use whatever you have on hand like bow tie pasta for butterflies, shell pasta for snails, pieces of pipe cleaners for caterpillars, the list goes on and on and I also included a set of bugs you can print and cut out. The printable includes numbers 1-20, several different bug jars, a 10-frames chart, and was designed so you can adapt it to suit your child’s needs.
the roll and count marshmallows game is shown with two bowls of cereal
Marshmallow Roll & Count
Get your kids excited about math with this Marshmallow Cereal Roll and Count Math Game from Life Over C's for Preschoolers! Learning to count has never been so sweet! Grab this fun kindergarten and preschool game!
a close up of a child's hand pointing at a race to 20 free math game
FREE Math Game - Racing to 20
Racing to 20 free math game is a great way for your kindergarteners to put their math skills to work. This hands-on game allows your kids to practice counting to 20, simple addition and number recognition. Grab the free game and get to learning math with your little learners. #counting #math #games #free #printable #homeschool #classroom #kindergarten
free shape printables for kids to use in their homeschool or classroom activities
FREE Shape Printables
Shapes are a big part of every preschool math curriculum. And shapes are everywhere so finding them anywhere is very easy! These free shape math printables are a perfect addition to your preschool, pre-k and kindergarten math curriculum. Hands on activities will keep your learners engaged the entire time! #preschool #kindergarten #math #shapes
back to school math assignment with crayons and pencils
Beginning Math Assessment - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Make assessing fun with this Back to School Math assessment. So many fun activities that they won't know they are being tested. This assessment covers beginning of the year standards for kindergarten from shapes to number recognition to colors. #mathassessment #kindergartenmath #backtoschool
two posters with the words, what's up with data? and how to use them
How to Use Math Charts during Whole Group Instruction - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Amp up your whole group math lessons with these math meeting charts. This resource covers five main math skills- number sense, operations, measurement, problem solving and data collecting. Download this sample resource today! #kindergartenmath #wholegroupmath #numbersense #measurement
five simple steps to simlify your math planning for the first grade 1 student
5 Simple Steps for Math Planning
Follow these 5 simple steps when organizing and planning your math lessons! This free course will give you what you need to run a successful math block for preschool, prek and kindergarten students. #mathplanning #kindergartenmath #preschoolmath
a close up of a person holding a card with the words math vocably cards for preschool, pre - k and kindergarten
Why Math Vocabulary is So Important - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Math vocabulary is so important for early learners. It's the foundation to many years ahead. Find out why math vocabulary should be taught at an early age and download these free vocabulary cards to get you started. #mathvocabulary #kindergartenmath #prekmath #mathresources
the summer sums game with an image of a child on it
Summer Digital Activities for Little Learners - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Summer is here! Keep your little learners' minds sharp with these digital literacy and math activities. This free download can be used with Google Classroom ™ and Seesaw ™. #summer #math #literacy #elementary
the numbers to 10 printable worksheet is shown with different pictures and words
Number Sense to Ten - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
the printable number line worksheet for numbers 1 - 10 and has five lines
100 Number Line - Planes & Balloons
100 number line free printable - number line worksheets for grade 1. #planesandballoons
the printable worksheet for counting numbers 1 to 10 with pictures on it
Counting and Cardinality FREEBIES — Keeping My Kiddo Busy
Count How Many math worksheet - easy NO PREP activity for kindergarten math - counting and cardinality common core unit - FREE printables and worksheets
five shape activities for little learning
Free Shape Printables for Little Learners
Shapes are everywhere and our little learners love pointing them out when they see them. Shapes are a big part of a preschool math curriculum. Add these free shape printables to your preschool math curriculum for your small group instruction and math stations. #shapes #preschool #math #freeresource
the free printable activities for preschool and kindergarts to help them learn how to
Free Printable Activities - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
No need to search hours online for free resources for your little learners. Mrs. Jones Creation Station has gathered some of our favorite and most popular free resources. They are all in one place so you don't have to go searching. There's everything from math to reading to bible activities for preschool, prek and kindergarten learners. #freeprintables #freeresources #kindergarten #preschool
Get your learners engaged with these 3D shape activities! Find out more about my math block to ensure your time is well spent during instruction time. You will learn how to schedule your time, how to choose the right resources and what your students should be doing during small group teaching time. #shapes #3Dshapes #prek #kindergarten Alaska, Math Blocks, Kindergarden Math
3D Shape Activities for Little Learners
Get your learners engaged with these 3D shape activities! Find out more about my math block to ensure your time is well spent during instruction time. You will learn how to schedule your time, how to choose the right resources and what your students should be doing during small group teaching time. #shapes #3Dshapes #prek #kindergarten
spring color by number printable worksheet for kids to practice numbers and colors
Spring Color By Number - Planes & Balloons Worksheets
Spring color by number worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. Numbers 1-10 and numbers 11-20 to practice with coloring pages. #prek #kindergarten #planesandballoons
the year long math and library centers for preschool
Math and Literacy Pre-K and Kindergarten Centers
This amazing bundle of skill-based Math and Literacy Pre-K and Kindergarten Centers is designed to grow with your students as they make progress throughout the year! This bundle contains 15 sets of skill-based print and play centers and most of them have different options and ways to play!
printable do - a - dot number recognition worksheets for kids to practice numbers
Number Recognition 1-20 With Dot Markers - Planes & Balloons
Kids will have fun with these number recognition 1-20 worksheets using bingo dabbers while learning their numbers.
counting coins math activity for kids to practice their number identification skills with this fun printable game
A Quick Way to Practice Coin Counting - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station
A lot of students know about coins when they come to the classroom, but they didn't know how to count those coins. A quick way to practice coin counting is with these free printable math clip activity cards. Grab the free printable and help your little learners with counting coins. #free #printable #activities #math #kids #firstgradelearning
two printable popcorn themed bookmarks with words inside the box and outside the box
Why Math Vocabulary is So Important
Do you want your students to be successful in math? If so, you must teach them math vocabulary. It is very important as little learners progress through the years that they build on their math vocabulary. This way, kids understand many of the math terms that are referred to in math lessons. Here are free printable math vocabulary cards to get you started. #freeprintable #math #kids #learn #lessons
an ipad with the words, rhyming and addition google slides in front of it
Digital Activities in the Classroom - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
The digital age has exploded in the classroom! Every room you walk into has laptops and hand held devices. Students are recording themselves and creating videos to show what they know. It’s a fantastic way of learning, and we need to take advantage of it! Digital learning is now the new learning in every classroom. Expand your digital learning library with these rhyming and addition Google Slides
a pizza subtraction book for preschool and pre - k students to practice subtraction
Subtraction Practice for Kids
Pizza is a perfect way to practice subtraction skills! Use the subtraction mat and pizza erasers or the included pizza cards to practice making and solving subtraction problems. #kindergarten #firstgrade #math #freeresource
counting ants math game for preschool and pre - k
Counting Ants Math Game - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
The only ants you should let in your classroom are these! This counting activity is perfect for a spring math center. Use the given number on each math mat to count the correct number of ants. #counting #math #preschool #kindergarten
the mouse count counting game for preschool and kindergarts is shown on top of a table
Mouse Counting Math Activity - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
What pairs well with a fun counting game? A great counting book! Use this fun counting book and this clever counting game with your preschool and kindergarten learners. Use the hungry snake stick to grab each mouse as you count! #counting #preschool #math
printable dot marker patterns for kids to practice counting and color matching with the numbers
Do A Dot Marker Patterns Activity For Preschoolers
Free printable patterns activity for preschool and kindergarten. Fun pattern worksheets for preschoolers. #prek #preschool #kindergarten #math
a toy truck filled with doughnuts and other toys
Exploring Weight with Little Learners - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Sometimes learning isn't always packaged up in books and worksheets. Sometimes, it's just kids playing and doing everyday life that presents a learning experience. Here kids can explore weight with a play scale and some play food. It really is an easy opportunity for your preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn about weight. #weight #learn #homeschool #playfullearning #preschool #kindergarten