Piotrek Kordyś

Piotrek Kordyś

Piotrek Kordyś
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Newborn photoshoot - tons of behind the scenes shots and setups. Great ideas like layering blankets on a backdrop stand for quick changes, blowing out the background with a strobe, and using a heating pad under the blankets in a basket to keep baby warm.


No offense, I'm sure this is a great tutorial. What is REAL in pictures anymore? "Photoshop Tutorial: Apply a Great Photoshop Colorful Effect for a Lady (entire site dedicated to photoshop tutorials)"

Creative wedding photos!

Today I have for you 20 creative and unique wedding photography which will get you an idea how to have fun on your wedding photo session or have a special "yours unusual" photo session.


I love the picture with the baby looking over his mom's shoulder and the one in his mom's hands