House details

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an open door with wood and metal trim on the bottom half, in front of a white wall
Frames – wood, aluminum and steel sheet
the front door is open to let in light and privacy from the surrounding yard area
Belsize House | StudioCarver | Archinect
the door is open and there are no people in this room on the side of the building
Belsize Park House | Studio Carver | Archello
a wooden floor with a grate in the center and a window on the other side
Craftsmanship idea interior detail
an open door with some wood and metal on the outside, in front of a gray background
Flush door in trimless opening | Glenn Stevens | Archinect
Glenn Stevens
a building that is made out of wood
A sustainable and luxurious barnhouse “Villa Hindeloopen” is located in Hindeloopen in The Netherlands
the side of a building with wooden slats on it
gevel douglas hout
Картинки по запросу gevel douglas hout
an open metal door with wood grained panels on the wall in front of it
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Kitchen detail by Bob Manders | // Details //