Piotr Jastrzębski
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A new take on extreme pointilism. So like my hawk, must try this form (scene within a spirit guide shape)!

So Paulo, Brazil-based illustrator Thiago Bianchini pays tribute to the beauty of nature in his striking drawings of wildlife and landscapes framed within

Kel Tait watercolor hawk tattoo

Falcon tattoo by Watercolor done right! Most important details are outlined in black to prevent spreading and fading

Dope Indulgence hawk tattoo

Ukrainian artist Aleksandra Katsan captures the carefree fluidity of the watercolor medium in her beautiful watercolor tattoos.

This will be my first tattoo

Solar System can be a source of creations for art, crafts and posters. It can also be a source of inspiration for tattoos. It’s a good example that a tattoo could connect to science as well as expressing symbolic meanings.

Minimal planet icons by Sven Szota

Hey dribbble, these are the planet icons I made for our multi-touch table project (an interactive simulation of gravity & the Solar System). They are part of the circular slider interface for.