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The Cool Memes Thread (No Videos Please)
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Oh Boy, here I go colonising again.... - Countryballs
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Leave her in peace
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27 Memes about relationships Humor | Patrick Memes
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Classical art meme dump
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It truly was big
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Every day seems to start this way
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I hope you like them all!
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Where stories live
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People is weird. - FunSubstance
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Ooooo this one...
lolita galaxia
lolita galaxia
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50 Memes You Need To Send To Your Best Friend Right Now
Renaissance Art
I love medieval art
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Art History Memes
19 Classical Art Memes That Are Way Better Than Walking Through A Museum
19 Classical Art Memes That Are Way Better Than Walking Through A Museum
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Best Lockscreens — Click here to find me on pinterest Click here to...
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Humanity – theCHIVE
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Richard Lapointe-Goupil
Richard Lapointe-Goupil
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Artists Merge Classic Paintings With Popular Hip-Hop Lyrics And They're A Match Made In Heaven (Photos)
Kendra Keith
Kendra Keith
Don't be a sun - Funny
Don't be a sun - Funny
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The best from the Classical Art Memes
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23 Tweets That Will Make Academics Laugh Harder Than They Should
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Damn it Carl. - Funny
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Hello! Does anyone know the name of this painting? My mom saw it and she absolutely fell in love with it, but I can't find any info on it.
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Dark Memes For Twisted Souls (20 Pics)