Sailor Saturn ( Hotaru )

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a woman holding a dragon in front of her face
Cosplay, Manga Anime, Sailor Moon Character, Magical Girl
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sailor saturn
Ig: vvendyarts Anime Art, Ariel
Ig: vvendyarts
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an anime character with purple hair and stars around her
Cute moon chibi girls series ✨🌸 for @pigeons_pins 🌸 #anime #pin #chibiart #artwork #sweet #cute #fanart #illustration #pastel #color… | Instagram
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Day 10. Vintage . Vintage Stamp senshi. . Challenge by: @ria_carrma . #aprilstyle24 #sailormoon #sailormoonfanart #sailormoonfans… | Instagram
a woman with purple hair is next to a giant chess piece
Day 10 - Chess Pieces. . Please use the hashtag #maidensaprilchallenge24 and tag me @ai.dreaming.maiden. Make sure to DM me your work so I… | Instagram
an anime character with long black hair and blue eyes standing in front of pink flowers
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Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit
an anime character is standing next to another character