Kristus kasvojen ohje

Collection by Pirkko

Over 600 hand-painted Orthodox icons to order from the Catalog of St Elisabeth Convent. Commission a painted icon of Christ, the Mother of God, Orthodox saints and Feasts Images Of Christ, Religious Images, Religious Icons, Religious Art, Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Hands Icon, Paint Icon, Lord

IMP-09-01/7 Icon of Christ Not-Made-By-Hands

Select from both options (paints and size) to see the price of the icon. A handpainted icon of Christ Not-Made-By-Hands (Acheiropoietos). Materials Natural wooden board (lime, pine, alder) with oak splines Сloth from low-count fabric (linen, canvas) Gesso Acrylic or tempera paints (ground minerals, precious and semiprecious stones mixed with egg yolk) Gold leaf of various hues Tinted wax Linseed oil Hide glue Varnishes (mordant, kauri gum, acryl-styrolic) Size The icon of Christ is…