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an old yellow car is parked in a room with white walls and grey flooring
Classic Vespa For Sale
1960 Vespa 400 Convertible
an old blue and white car parked in the grass
Crosley cars
the small truck is parked next to other cars
Event>> Mooneyes Street Car Nationals '10 - Pt1 - Speedhunters
kei pickups grandpop, the daihatsu hijet
an old white car is shown on a white background
1970 Subaru 360
an old white van is on display in a museum
スバルビジターセンターを訪ねて - Asian Cars通信 ~since 2005~
Subaru Samber
a small green car parked on the side of the road next to a black car
Biff Bang Pao
Nissan Pao
a toy car with its door open and the interior painted red, white, and blue
スバル360 ミニカー - Google 検索
a small green van is parked in the snow
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Subaru Libero
an old white truck is parked in a garage next to other cars and trucks on display
1962 Motobecane
1962 Motobecane. They developed a small 4-wheel vehicle with a removable windscreen without doors and top. They used their own 125 cc engine, which was placed at the rear. This vehicle remained a prototype. At the beginning of the 60's they produced a 4-wheel vehicle with Italian style and Japanese mechanicals with rear-wheel drive and also the 125 cc, one-cylinder, two-stroke engine. These vehicles were only used for test and exhibitions.
an old model green car on a white background
1936 Datsun 15 Roadster
an old red car on display in a museum
Daihatsu Bee – Micro Car
Daihatsu Bee – Micro Car
an old red car is parked on the street
I want to make vroom vroom noises and run this in swirly motions on the floor
an old yellow car is parked on the white ground with its hood up and it's front end missing
1968 Honda N360M
the green truck is parked in an empty parking garage
Cool mini-truck