Piotr Waręcki

Piotr Waręcki

Piotr Waręcki
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Art League Houston Vortex House

Art League Houston Vortex House, Houston, Texas - The Texas "Hole House" as it became known was in existence for only a few months in the spring of Two houses slated for demolition were turned into a limited time art project.

Brody the baby bongo. Those ears!

Cutest Animals You've Never Heard Of he Baby Bongo (Image 18 of We love this little critter - it looks like a cross between a deer and a cow! It may be small now, but these animals grow up to be one of the largest of the African forest antelope species.


THE STREET BAR Artwork by CLET Spotted somewhere in France was this fun piece of street art by CLET. The manipulated ‘Do Not Enter’ sign depicts a bar setting with two patrons and a bartender. There’s even a fancy candelabra in the scene!