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Unknown history of Poland

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Heroes Of War Poland Episode 5 Cracking Enigma

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Heroes Of War Poland Episode 4 Zegota.

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Poland Borders 990 - 2015

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Heroes Of War Poland Episode 2 Cichociemni

King Sigismund Augustus (1520-1572) - "I am not king of your consciences". Fig. Jan Matejko.

Death of Berek Joselewicz. Fig. H. Pillati. Dow Baer (Berek) Joselewicz (b. September 17, 1764 in Kretynga, d. 5 or 8 May 1809 Kock) - Polish Jewish merchant, colonel of the Polish army, an officer of the Polish Legions in Italy. In the Duchy of Warsaw army commanded a squadron. He was killed during clashes with the Austrians at Kock in 1809, today his grave is a monument and tourist attraction.

Warsaw Confederation Act (1573). Warsaw Confederation - a resolution adopted on 28 January 1573. At the Sejm (Parlament) in Warsaw, ensuring freedom of religion for the nobility in the Commonwealth. Guaranteed unconditional and eternal peace between all differing in faith, provide equal rights with Catholics infidels and care of the state. The document is considered to be the beginning of a legally guaranteed religious tolerance.

Poland's Heritage: Shofar Away - Jewish Collection

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Poland's Heritage: Armenian Character - Armenian Collection

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