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MTG | Shadows over Innistrad | SOI

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Ultra Pro - Standard CCG - Shadows over Innistrad - Nahiri


Protektory - Ultra Pro - Standard CCG - Shadows over Innistrad - Nahiri (80 szt.) - PRZEDSPRZEDAŻ

Nahiri, the Harbinger


Nahiri, the Harbinger (Shadows over Innistrad)

Declaration in Stone - "The message was clear to Sorin—Nahiri had paid Markov Manor a visit."


Declaration in Stone (Shadows over Innistrad)

Cryptolith Rite - "The chant was incomprehensible, but its power was unmistakable."


Cryptolith Rite (Shadows over Innistrad)

Tamiyo's Journal - "Entry 434: There's more to Avacyn's madness . . ."


SOI: Tamiyo's Journal, Legendary Artifact 5 At the beginning of your upkeep, investigate. (Put a colourless Clue artifact token onto the battlefield with : '{2}: Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.') {T}, Sacrifice three Clues: Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

Eerie Interlude | The barrier between existence and oblivion is thinner than you know.

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Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon

t:"planeswalker" e:soi/en

Anguished Unmaking - "Sorin had created Avacyn, so it was a cruelty beyond imagining, a pain beyond description, that it fell upon him to end her forever."

Anguished Unmaking (Shadows over Innistrad)

Nephalia Drownyard - "Some see a coastal disaster. I see a fully-stocked seagraf."

Nephalia Drownyard (Innistrad)

Warped Landscape - "Each cryptolith twists the plane's mana, bending its flow to a singular purpose."

Warped Landscape (Shadows over Innistrad)