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Boarisch -The Bavarians  formed in  medieval period, as the the Duchy of Bavaria,  the south-eastern part of the kingdom of Germany. The Old High German documents from the area are identified as Altbairisch ("Old Bavarian"), though at this early date there are no distinctive features dividing from Alemannic. The separation of Upper German into East Upper German (Bavarian) and West Upper German (Alemannic) becomes more tangible in the Middle High German period, about the 12th century.

A linguistic map of the languages and dialects within Europe MuturZikin - Linguistic maps of Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. Priority is given to endangered languages and minority linguistic people.

What’s straight across the ocean when you’re at the beach - The Washington Post

Now I know what I'm aiming for when I try to skip a rock across the ocean. (What’s across the ocean from you when you’re at the beach, in 7 fascinating maps - The Washington Post)

750 BC to 12 BC,Celts were the most powerful people in central & northern Europe.Wave after wave,they spread outwards,taking over France,Belgium,& crossing to Britain.There were many tribes of Celts,speaking a vaguely common language.Celt comes from the Greek,Keltoi,which means barbarians & is properly pronounced as "Kelt". Celt is a term NOT used until the 18th century.The Romans called these people Britons.The Celtic Iron Age ended AD43 (43 years after Jesus was born)the Romans invaded…

750 BC to 12 BC,Celts lived in central & northern Europe.They spread to France,Belgium and Britain. The Romans called these people Britons.The Celtic Iron Age ended when the Romans invaded Britain.

What the USA would look like if every secessionist/partitionist movement had succeed. The 124 United States of America

The 124 states of America. This is potentially what the USA would look like if all of the secession movements in our history had succeeded – at least up to by a Mansfield University geography professor named Andrew Shears

Hitler's Map of the planned “Greater German Reich”.

Hitler's Map of the planned “Greater German Reich”. He would have taken it all under his control as plan for the Aryan race. Part radical socialism, fascism and right wing racist. After WWI paramilitary groups began in Germany .

Balance of Power - 1871 - North America by CoryCA

Henry Clay’s election as president of the United States was the death knell for the Jacksonian ideal of expansion and a domination of the Presiden. Balance of Power - 1871 - North America